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And the U head coach thought their attitude with the

Published on May 17, 2015 by pwsadmin

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Canada Goose Online OurPrivacy Noticeexplains more about how we use your data, and your rights. You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingSee ourprivacy noticeColin Calderwood has urged Cambridge United to be brave in possession ahead of their FA Cup first round replay with Exeter City.The sides will meet each other for the third time this season at St James Park on Tuesday night, with United comfortably winning the league tie earlier in the season, before leaving it late to secure the replay.And the U head coach thought their attitude with the ball was the difference between the two games.”When they were good with the ball, they dominated us both periods of both matches, but when we were good with the ball, certainly in the first game, we had a better period,” he said.”We want an improvement in what we can do in possession and, from the weekend, we’ve got to have a huge, huge improvement with what we do out of possession because we were affected by what Walsall did too often at both ends of the pitch.”It took us far too long to have any period in the last third.”Read MoreCambridge United victory years off my life says Walsall FC bossCalderwood went on to say that the U need to be positive from the off, believing that Saturday was the first time that they had been punished for a poor start this season, and that they got off lightly previously.Indeed, United have conceded the first goal in three of their last five League Two fixtures, with the 4 0 win against Exeter the only time they picked up three points in that period.”Against Mansfield we could have been three down and we won 4 0,” he added.”I mentioned it before, but it lost in the result.”The Walsall game is the first time that the first opportunity, however early it was in the game, has gone in against us.”There’s been other opportunities when Dimi Mitov has saved it or the other team has missed.”We shouldn’t forget about them, and I certainly haven’t. We were as bad at Mansfield as we were on Saturday in the first half, without a doubt.”That’s something that has to improve.”We were as bad at Colchester, so this is not a new thing.”There’s an improvement we have to find.”In the other two games, because it was only 1 0 [Colchester] and 0 0 [Mansfield], it gave us the opportunity to get the next goal in the game to get back into it.”In essence, we have had two wins from those poor starts and a defeat, and that probably better than we should expect as it’s not a level that gives you the best chance to win.” Canada Goose Online.

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